Yandex Advertising Network banner formats

to take advantage of the full potential of the Yandex advertising network and maximize your reach it is vital that you use all the ad formats available the annex advertising network currently offers the following formats text and image ads video ads image ads and smart banners host sites in the annex advertising Network offer different ad slots on their sites so using the maximum number of formats raises the likelihood that your ad will be able to appear let’s start with text and image ads which feature your ad text along with an image and even video extensions images can appear in two formats standard and wide format as I already said it’s best to add images in both formats to maximize the number of sites where your ad can appear take note that the image should show the product or service being advertised avoid images with built in text or logos since the image will likely be cropped to fit into the host sites ad slot text and image ads don’t have strict requirements for the size of your images but the image should be at least 450 pixels in length on each side and no more than 10 megabytes in size video extensions turn your text and image ads into short video clips 10 to 15 seconds in length there are three types of video extensions default video extensions in which Yandex direct creates an animation from the image and text you have loaded into the interface with background video from our library in which you choose a video background from our library it should be relevant to the products or services you are advertising our data have shown that these video clips have conversion rates twice as high as those with a more neutral theme keep in mind however that all UNIX direct advertisers have access to the library so the same video background could be used by other advertisers the system will not allow a user to see the same video background for two different advertisers ever and the third option involves your own video upload your own video into ad builder our data show that this is the most effective option with conversion rates increasing by up to 38 percent the minimum bid for ads with video extensions is 10 cents in Euros US dollars or Swiss francs you cannot set separate bids for video extensions but you can set bid adjustments for this ad type image ads tell users about your product visually they appear as clickable images that lead to the advertisers site combining the advantages of display advertising with the technology behind contextual ads using image ads with other Yandex direct ad types allows you to significantly increase your reach of your target audience image ads can be created in various formats that fit different placement locations and help you develop brand awareness and create the right associations to connect users emotions with your company or product note that image ads have stricter requirements the most popular formats for desktop impressions are 728 by 90 pixels 240 by 400 and 300 by 250 I can’t say it enough it’s best to upload images in all formats in text and image campaigns another ad format is available video ads video ads are very similar to video extensions with two main differences first you can set separate bids for video ads and second video ads appear as in page ads or in multi roll format within video content as I mentioned with video extensions the best option is to use your own video content as your conversion rates are likely to be much higher and the last ad type we’ll look at today are smart banners smart banners are a separate campaign type for the Yandex advertising network they are display banners with dynamic content and payment per click to create a smart banner you will need a product feed listing your products and serve you will also need Yandex metric ax with e-commerce enabled to find out more about how to set up ecommerce in Yandex metric ax click the link in the description below this video smart banners allow you to show unique ads to each and every user who visits your site Yandex Direct does most of the work for you automatically generating banners based on the information you provide in your feed so give our recommendations a try experiment with various texts and ad formats and stay visible to both your potential and your regular customers