How to set up turbo pages — Yandex.Direct video tutorial

Yandex.Direct is an online advertising system that allows advertisers to serve ads on Yandex sites and thousands of sites in the Yandex Advertising Network. Use our video tutorial to create your ads and get ready to welcome new customers.

when placing orders from smartphones load speeds and the quality of mobile sites have a significant influence on the number of conversions as a rule the longer users have to wait for a page to load the higher the bounce rate as users either put off their purchases or switch to other pages from the search results to maintain your mobile audience try using turbo pages in Yandex direct these mobile landing pages feature accelerated load speeds and you can add them to your ads URL or site links turbo pages help you increase your conversions if you don’t have a special version of your site adapted for mobile devices experiment with turbo pages and you can boost the performance of your mobile ads when opening a URL or site link users on mobile devices will be led to turbo pages whereas users on desktop computers and tablets will be redirected to the regular site contact your account manager or the customer service department to request access to turbo page builder click the turbo page link on the my campaigns page and select a template once you are in turbo page builder write your add titles choose your colors add a logo and the main image choose the fields that you want to appear in the request form and enter any required legal information press the Create button every new turbo page is given its own unique URL which begins with Yandex com slash turbo add the turbo page URL to your ads main URL or site link you can see statistics for ads with turbo pages in report wizard by selecting a device type filter and setting it to mobile a Yandex metric a tag called turbo pages is automatically created when you generate your first turbo page this tag will be used in all turbo pages for your account you can use it to analyze the effectiveness of your turbo pages and figure out how to improve them use turbo pages to increase your mobile conversion rates [Music]