How to use match types. Yandex.Direct video tutorial

Yandex.Direct is an online advertising system that allows advertisers to serve ads on Yandex sites and thousands of sites in the Yandex Advertising Network. Use our video tutorial to create your ads and get ready to welcome new customers.

default ads appear for all search queries which contain keywords from the ad group in any form of speech regardless of word order Yandex default match ignores prepositions or other auxiliary parts of speech operators are used to control the match between a keyword and a search query for example quotation marks are an exact match which means the queries should contain all words from the keyword operators should be used with caution however to avoid narrowing your campaigns reach exact match add quotation marks to a keyword to guarantee the your ads only appear when the search query matches the keyword exactly placing a keyword in quotation marks is the same as adding all possible negative keywords the exclamation mark fixes the word form and disables impressions for all other word forms phrase match square brackets fix the word order if a user enters the same words in a different order the ad will not appear the plus sign operator forces Yandex direct to take stop words into account stop words are prepositions and other parts of speech that Yandex direct would otherwise ignore if a search query does not contain the stop word marked with a plus sign the ad will not appear [Music] you can add operators to keywords on the page where you create and edit your ads or write on the campaign page after the campaign has already started for audiences that are especially difficult to segment you can also combine operators and use them in negative keywords any stop words inside quotation marks and square brackets are automatically included so you do not need to add a plus sign to them you can also use operators in Word stat and budget forecast we recommend you use operators very carefully as they can significantly narrow your reach