Guide to the Yandex.Direct Interface. 1. Creating an account in Yandex.Direct

In this video, you will find out how create your first ad campaign, manage your bids, and view your statistics. The lesson is conducted within the Yandex.Direct interface.
This video will be helpful for those using Yandex.Direct for the first time.
Speaker: Matthew Casserly

Contents of the Guide to Yandex.Direct Interface video lesson:
1. Creating an account in Yandex.Direct
2. Setting up a campaign in Yandex.Direct
3. Sending a campaign for moderation
4. Bid management
5. Statistical reports

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our first step is to create an account in Yandex direct so enter direct Yandex comm into the address bar of your browser and once the page is loaded click the yellow place an Add button on the left side of the page to create an account you should click on the button marked register doing so will lead you to the Yandex passport page where you’ll need to enter your first name surname and come up with a login and password for your account in Yandex direct we recommend adding your mobile phone number as it makes it much easier to restore access to your account if you forget your password if you don’t want to link your number to your account click I don’t have a mobile phone number if you don’t add a mobile number you should choose a security question from the drop down menu and enter your answer remember the answer to your question as this will be used to restore access to your account should you lose it enter the text shown in the CAPTCHA box and click on the yellow register button great now you’ve got a Yandex direct login on this page you should select your country and currency and then below the type of ads in your first campaign please note that this is your only opportunity to select the country you plan to make payments from and the currency that your account will use as well as the type of ads in your first campaign once you leave this page you will not be able to change these settings let’s use text and image ads for the purposes of this demonstration we click on the arrow to open the drop down menu click on text and image ads once again check that we’ve made a right choice of country and currency and click start using the service to save our settings